Wesley Antonties

We make climbing and training products, for the scallywags, the nomads and the dirtbags, for the mischievous and the adventures. Friends and Allies is the home of the Scallywags.

Daniella Neto

We’re nerds, creatives, coders and problem-solvers. We use brains and fancy machines to create brands, products and experiences that help our clients solve problems and seize opportunities.

Brad Johnston

DFI is a consultancy offering a broad spectrum of Industrial Design services ranging from Product, Structural and Mechanical design to project managment.

Akhani 3D

3D Printing Service Bureau. Akhani 3D provides a comprehensive, Professional, Production and Industrial 3D printing & finishing service for manufacturers.

Walter Mpofu

Amatafula specializes in custom furniture. We work mainly with steel frames and marble or wood tops. All our projects are specialized to each of our clients’ needs. We have done projects outside the scope of just tables like tub chairs, wall mounted tv units and wine cellars. Amatafula believes in making luxury furniture in the simplest and most affordable way.

Shannon Botha

We craft epic brands and build lasting relationships. Offering graphic and product design services to streamline our client experience. Partnering with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to embrace opportunities.

Emile Dippenaar

The Ideamongery is a design studio, development lab and manufactory specialising in bringing ideas to life. Whether you need a solution for mass manufacture or a one-of-a-kind artefact – Our team of Industrial designers, art directors, and technical experts are skilled at developing ideas into tangible, well considered products.

Greg Woolfson

We influence design . Manufacture and procure furniture items to create spaces such as restaurants, hotels, offices and more. We design and build custom furniture and shopfit items. Once manufactured we install and offer onsite project management and bring dreams to reality.

Charlie Swan

Dabbling in Geek, Steampunk, Biker, Alternative & Metalhead cultures, Charlie can bring your ideas to life & offers a wide range of locally manufactured items, specialising in silk screening and creative custom work to order.

Tim Gilbert

​MTD Tech offers a wide range of conventional machines, ranging from lathes and milling machines to bandsaws and cutoff saws. We also offer a full range of woodworking machinery. Our CNC range of machine tools includes small desktop CNC routers up to fully integrated 5 Axis machining centers, with robotic loading and unloading capability.

Colin Harwood

Specialising in small moulds and low volume production runs. Plastic manufacturing i.e. mould designs, injection moulds, blow moulds and silicon moulds. General engineering i.e. turning, milling and CNC milling.

Sandile Nkosi

We bring innovation in corporate gifting and spatial design products. Through creative conceptualization, prototyping and manufacturing we address our clients’ need for ergonomic and sustainable product design. We specialise in flatpack technology products and furniture.

Michael Currin

Homefarm is a smart crop growing appliance for the home. Grow the healthiest foods on the planet, all year round, from the comfort of your home. This page follows Homefarms journey to change the way people eat and grow their own food.