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The curious, mathematical mind of Nik Ivanovic

Nik has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand and he is currently doing his master’s part-time. As part of his master’s, he had to find a way to make 3D-metal printed products last longer.

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Getting creative with… concrete?

When you think about concrete, you probably think about pillars and brutish structures. Well, what if you were given the challenge to come up with something innovative using concrete? This was exactly what Alex Shahini faced when he and a good buddy, Brayden Solomon, decided to enter the 2019 PPC Imaginarium Awards.

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[email protected]*k the Arduino

At the end of every month, Henry Levine’s mother would go to Benmore Gardens shopping centre to get her groceries. She’d fill her shopping trolley, pay, and then push the trolley to her 18-wheeler fully articulated Mercedes-Benz lorry, where she’d proceed to unload the groceries into the back of the trailer. The car guard would guide her out of the parking bay and into Grayston Drive, and she would be on her way.

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