Upcoming Workshops


Industrial tools and machines and not DIY. Industrial tools and machines are built to be used every day.

We base our tool management policy on the needs of all our members, in combination with their cost of operation and capital cost.

This tool strategy in combination with the workspace allows our members to manufacture truly spectacular products.

R1499,00 3 hours
Students will learn the difficult process of TIG welding using the digital TIG welder at Made In Workshop.   TIG welding is a difficult process so the class numbers have been reduced so that the instructor can focus.   Students will learn with mild steel to begin with..
R1249,00 2 hours
The CNC router at Made In Workshop allows the members to express themselves in both 2D and 3D. CNC Router 101, hosted by Kinga Dale, will teach you how to take a vector-based drawing and machine it out on the CNC router machine. You will learn:
  1. How to convert a drawing into machine code.
  2. Load and operated the CNC router.
  3. Safety around the CNC router.
*Please note that this class does not cover design.
R250,00 2 hours
The Panel saw at Made In Workshop is possibly one of the most dangerous machines we have. Learning how to set up and operate this machine is essential. Who better than to teach this important class than an expert in woodwork, carpentry and furniture manufacture. Aspects covered
    1. Configuration.
    2. Adjustment and measurement.
    3. Blade types.
R1245,00 3 hours

Stock removal knife making workshop

Stock removal knife making is sort of like blacksmithing except you pay mills to do all the heating and hammering for you and you get a nice flat piece of bar stock and then proceed to remove material until it is the desired knife shape. Blacksmithing and stock removal share a lot of the same methods, materials, and tools. In our Stock Removal Knife Making Workshop and starting with a sheet of 5160 steel plate, users will use the CNC plasma cutter to cut a predesigned blade template.  The bevel and cutting edge will be ground and the blade will be hardened using a gas forge and quenching oil. In this class the user will learn how:
  • Setup and operate the Made In Workshop CNC Plasma Cutter
  • Use grinders/ belt sanders and metal files to shape and finish the knife.
  • Harden the blade in the Black dragon Fire fly forge.
  • Attached handles
**Please note that this class is not a tradesman qualification.
R1249,00 3 hours
Our MIG Welding 101 workshop is designed to introduce the concept of welding.  In this class the user will learn how:
  • Setup and operate the Made In Workshop MIG Welder.
  • Learn the theory behind welding.
  • Learn and PRACTICE welding technique.
  • Understanding metal preparation.
  • Learn the spot welder.
This course is an evening course. It does include 1-day free access so that you can practice the skills acquired during this class. After all, Welding is Practice Practice Practice. We include a compulsory pair of elbow-length welding gloves.  **Please note that this class is not a tradesman qualification.